Chad and Jeniffer Guzmán: married couple; workers, fighters and lovers. They live in Arizona and like many couples around the world, dreamed of starting a family.

Unfortunately, a few years ago, Chad was in a car accident that left him in a wheelchair and prevented him from starting one. But this disability did not stop him from starting to think about a new life project.

They decided to move forward together, hand in hand and dealing with each situation as it came. Their love grew as a couple and they prepared for what would be their great blessing. It was there, when they met La Casita de Nicolás. According to them, “they were born as a family. Valentina did not grow in my womb, but in my heart… we wouldn’t dream to change anything, including the way she arrived”. Jeniffer also says that she cannot explain in words this great and overwhelming feeling.


Valentina was adopted when she was only two months old. When she was almost eighteen years old, she visited Medellín for the first time to reconnect with her biological mother. Due to a difficult situation, her biological mother had decided to give her away when she was only a few days old. When she embraced her, it was as if time had stopped, as if they had always known each other … she thanked her for having given her to a family that has always been waiting for her, and with her she toured the city where she was born and where she had come from.


“My daughter has many talents … she is intelligent and very loving” says Jeniffer. She was clearly proud of the way in which her daughter received her blood family, with whom she proved to be kind and caring.


With great gratitude, they say that La Casita is also part of their family. In addition, they are grateful because it is the first time since La Casita’s founding, that it has handed over a child to a family where one of the parents had a disability. The disability did not limit them. They came to this country and found their most precious love for them to treasure.


Before saying goodbye, Jeniffer wants to share some advice with couples who want to adopt:


– You must love them as if they were yours.

– Never treat them differently than you would your biological child.

– You must be prepared for the day they want to know about their roots. Also, you need to be there to listen to them, support them and accompany them.


“Today I think that the lucky one is not Valentina, as many people tell her for having found us. Instead, we are the lucky ones for having coincided with her.”

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