¡Safe travels Frans Van Den Boorn!

Cheerful, kind, honest, responsible, happy, athletic, hard-working, amazing child, brother and friend… That is how we will always remember you. Thank you for leaving your mark in this world and fulfilling the life of the many people who met you along the way.

When he was only 6 months old, he was adopted from La Casita de Nicolas by a Dutch family who had been waiting for him forever; they opened not only the doors to their home, but also to their heart, to receive him, care for him and love him.

This country let him grow and develop as a professional. It was in the city of Vught where he worked as a soccer coach for a group of young players who dreamt of playing in the best and biggest soccer stadiums of the world. There he always was, by their side to help them work to reach their goals.

Unfortunately, one day after his 27th birthday, an unfortunate accident on a bicycle ended his short but great life. The same life that filled his closest family and friends with satisfaction and pride and that he developed with the boys and girls of La Casita, by helping economically through a donation in his name.  This on top of honouring him, reflects the love and appreciation that he awakened in everyone that had the pleasure of knowing him.

Your honourable actions let us see what was inside your heart. Thank you for visiting us, we will never forget you. Fly high Frans, to a place where one day we hope to meet again.

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