Identity is a fundamental concept for the self-determination of every human being. Many people find their identity in aspects such as their career choice, values, personal beliefs, as well as their social and family circle. For other people, especially those adopted, the conception of this identity is strongly linked to their biological family background.

The Raíces program, led by the ICBF, develops guidelines that direct the search for adopted children of age who want to know about their biological family as well as the particular circumstances in which they were surrendered to the adoption system. The program also addresses the concerns of the adoptive parents as well as the biological family of the surrendered children.

La Casita de Nicolás monitors this process with interested children and parents.

To begin the process, the interested party must fill out the corresponding form and send it to the ICBF, to the e-mail: . The response time for these applications is of 6 months. If you have not received a response in 6 months, let us know and we will assist you in following up.

Forms for the Roots program

Unload the forms of our program Roots:

Adopted child form

Adoptive teen form

Biological family form

What can I expect from the Raíces/Roots program?

Beyond the knowledge about the biological family and the particular circumstances of an adoption, adopted children must bear in mind that there are all kinds of circumstances in which a mother surrenders her child for adoption, or depending on the case, the ICBF takes custody of the child.

It is important for adopted children initiating this search, to maintain a realistic and consistent attitude about the expectations they have and the answers they may find, and avoid projecting the resolution of anxieties or uncertainties and questions about their role as a person in this encounter with the mother or father. It is advisable that the adopted children seek an accompaniment of psychology or social work, so that with their mentoring they are clear about their expectations of this process. La Casita de Nicolás has professionals willing to support at every stage of this search.