¡For a place with better defenses!

Nothing in this world strengthens the immune system more than surrounding yourself with happy and grateful people. It is proven that these feelings protect the body and shield it against any type of disease.

At Casita de Nicolás, every day we make sure that our little ones play, run, jump, laugh out loud, eat healthy, think positively, exercise, and do outdoor activities. They are some of the important skills that allow us to strengthen their defenses.

Likewise, we take care of providing them with a friendly and happy environment because it strengthens their interpersonal relationships and allows them to have better life habits.

In this place we think that it will always be better to surround ourselves with people who vibrate to our same tune, and experience the same sensation of well-being. In addition, we’ve seen that helping our little ones stimulate the endorphins of the brain and teaching them to dominate the mind allows them to maintain their defenses and mood, at the highest level

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