Playing? So we learn!

Although Monday is not the most popular day of the week for many people, for the children of La Casita de Nicolás it is full of emotion. It’s Playroom day!

For about 8 years, the children of La Casita who are of school age, look forward to the time to go to the Superarse Corporation, an organization that, for more than 40 years, has worked to promote and guarantee children’s rights in the city. Each week, this institution greets hundreds of children from different foundations and makes available for them a Playroom full of all kinds of toys and implements that are fuel to the skills, enjoyment and creativity of the little ones.

Dozens of costumes, musical instruments, didactic cards, board games, legos, computers and dolls of all kinds are just some of the treasures that this magical space gives to children thirsty for adventure, laughter and entertainment.

“According to their interests, needs and tastes, the kids themselves look for the kind of activities that help them develop their multiple intelligences, which is the focus of Superarse Corporation’s Playhouse”, explains Lady Grajales, the Corporation’s graduate in Child Education, or the ‘Playhouseer’, as he likes to call herself. “With activities such as singing, cards that reinforce the mathematical skills, role plays, body language, singing, dancing, being in contact with others, or teamwork, we reinforce these multiple intelligences”.

If Einstein’s famous quote is true: “the game is the highest form of research”, then this is a real laboratory…

La Casita is one of the oldest institutions in this alliance for the recreation of children. And although the process of many children in the State’s Protection System does not allow them to attend the Playroom for a long period, it is possible to notice their sense of belonging towards the space, the implements and companions, when they understand about coexistence and practice teamwork in different situations.

“From the moment they arrive for the first time you feel their immediate affinity with the space,” says Lady. “In fact it’s easy to realize they want to come more, they ask ‘why are we leaving so soon’, or they insist their time is over too fast… We can see the children find happiness in this space”.

For Johana Marín, teacher of La Casita in charge of taking care of the children during these Monday activities, a space like this Playroom is essential for the development of the little ones, not only for the entertainment and relaxation that it offers them, but for the positive way in which it contributes to their behavior.

“It helps the development of social skills, such as frustration tolerance, solidarity, the development of other multiple intelligences,” explains the teacher. “Additionally, they are learning forever, because everything that is taught to a child, good or bad, is taught for life.”

Today we want to say THANK YOU to Superarse Corporation for their valuable contribution to our childrens’ story!

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