Thanks Brock Frost, for making better the world of our children!

We are thrilled! From this moment, La Casita de Nicolás will receive the support of Brock Frost, a Canadian investor and author who will provide invaluable help in the healthcare expenses of the children of our Casita, many of whom have special medical conditions which, month to month, require special supplies and procedures that go from a moderate to a high cost.

Thanks to this important support, our foundation will have a greater possibility to provide a better quality of life to children from 0 to 13 years old who are waiting for a family, and to whom La Casita seeks to provide a happy and nurturing childhood while their legal situation is solved by the Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF), through reintegration to their biological families, or through adoption.

In addition to this contribution, Mr. Frost and a group of Canadian volunteers plan to make a series of trips to the city of Medellín every year to gift the children of La Casita with different childhood experiences full of joy, discovery, bonding and memories that will be invaluable throughout their lives.

Today we want to thank Mr. Frost for making such a positive impact in the lives of each of our children, and ultimately, for helping us in the mission of making better the world of children.

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