One night we went to bed, and the next day, the world woke up upside down. This forced us to create habits that we were not used to and routines that broke with any kind of planning.


 For no one, anywhere on this planet, it was easy to adapt to the new reality and include in their lexicon words of such weight and value as: ¡EMPATHY AND LOVE! At the end, where  those that moved the world and, those that allowed us to get to where we are today.


 This time has shown us what really matters; has connected again families, borders, races, ideologies and principles; raised solidarity and benevolence. It made us go back inside and value the essentials, it taught us we must live and enjoy without thinking about what is going to happen tomorrow.


The invitation is to follow our instincts, to help without looking to who, to give more love… ¡to let ourselves be guided by our heart!

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