¡Thanks Heroines!

This is how the people in their care, the boys and girls of La Casita de Nicolás, who were also taken by surprise by the mandatory confinement and who allowed them, as always, to exercise their responsibility and dedication, are considered by their quarantine days valuable work.

This group of committed women, in addition to ensuring their health, safety and integrity;  have reinvented themselves daily to make this space a fun and loving place. They work by means of stimulus the guidelines for a healthy coexistence in order to maintain a balance in their emotions, they educate them on issues of bio security and self-care, they help them to release upsets, frustrations; They accompany them in their academic responsibilities and most importantly, they are like guardian angels to listen and guide them at all times.

This learning time has been accompanied by many games: (Greedy game, jump rope, ‘ponchado’, children’s songs, sleepovers) but without a doubt, one of the best heroes who, without wearing a cape, won hearts, stole their love and won the greatest respect.

Receive our admiration and recognition for the work you do on a daily basis at La Casita de Nicolás.

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