It was Casita`s turn!

Sheltering more than 50 children cannot be easy for any house, especially when these children, from 0 to 12 years old, are full of curiosity and the desire to discover and experiment with textures. Despite the recommendations and requests of teachers and volunteers, few walls escape these little explorers’ fingers.

That is why last Saturday October 20 th , we decided to give these walls a well-deserved “hand of affection” (Spanish expression). From 8:00 in the morning, a group of 40 volunteers from Maaji, the Juguemos en el Bosque Foundation, and Casita, started painting the beloved infrastructure that for decades has been a home the small inhabitants that come and go, protected by the State’s Adoption or Protection System.

One of the participants was Lucas Velilla, director of the Juguemos en el Bosque Foundation. Like Casita, this foundation seeks to guarantee that all children, regardless of their condition, have a happy childhood. For him, the objective of the activity was clear and necessary: ​​"Improving the kid’s environment and make everything look nicer, cleaner”

Paulina Madrid of Maaji was also present in the activity, along with many volunteers. “We believe in social support from a happy, positive point of view, aiming to share with people, to always encourage the development of creativity and education in children,” she says, and explains that these activities are a way to celebrate and be grateful for her brand’s achievement in Social Media: “When we reach a new ‘milestone’ on Instagram (200k, 300k, 400k) we do a socially responsible activity, because we believe that giving back is the best way to say thank you”.

Thanks to the paint donated by Sapolin, the work of these wonderful volunteers and some final touches from Pintufresh, the rooms and common areas look brand new, ready to continue offering protection and warmth to the children who need it.

Thanks to Juguemos en el Bosque, Maaji and all the entities that were part of this effort!

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