A gift from the heart

When his 80th birthday was draw near, Raúl Tamayo knew exactly what he wanted for a gift: to not receive any gifts.

As the date approached he was completely clear with the family, friends and colleagues who wanted to celebrate and acknowledge the considerable amount of turns around the sun reached on the date. He told them: “please don’t give me any gifts. Make a donation to La Casita de Nicolás.

Raúl has been involved in La Casita since its beginnings. Back in 1978, when the Foundation was just an idea of ​​some paisa women, he was part of the husbands and friends invited to join the project, the same ones who ended up signing the Founding Act.

His wife Pilar Gómez de Tamayo, one of the founders and the current General Director of La Casita, is mentioned in that record as in the fashion of the time. “Raúl Tamayo and wife,” says the 40-year-old document.

Father of two adopted daughters, this Antioquian entrepreneur and politician is an active cooperator of La Casita, along with the rest of his family. With the invitation on the occasion of his birthday, he enabled the support of the private sector and individuals to the mission of the foundation, which in its 40 years of existence has assigned adopting families to more than 3000 children.

Today from Casita we want to say: Thank you very much Raúl, for this gift you give us from the heart!

You can also help the daily work of La Casita de Nicolás, making donations, being part of the Amigo Plan, giving away experiences, donating in kind and even donating your time to the children of the foundation. Learn more about how you can help, here

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