We have reached 40 years of love!

The first grocery shopping for La Casita de Nicolás cost up to $14.000 (Colombian) pesos.

On 1978 this was a scandalous amount, and many of those who participated in what was then just the first attempt to create a project for childhood, paled and wondered if La Casita could last over time.


40 years later, on 2018, some of these people gathered to remember how the dream had come true, going from being just an effort of a group of friends, to a IAPA (Authorized Institution for the Adoption Program) that on its existence, has provided loving families to more than 3.000 Colombian children.

Wanting to commemorate the accomplished dream, which has not been without challenges, La Casita celebrated its 40th anniversary on Friday, April 20th, exactly 4 decades after its opening, in the Citará room at Intercontinental Hotel. The meeting gathered founders, families, volunteers and collaborators who make possible the foundation’s existence today.

After a religious service with Father Andrés Trujillo, in which friends who died during these 40 years were remembered, the guests participated in an act where founders, children of the heart, the Adopting Families Association AsoCasita, among others, shared warm words of friendship and accomplishment.


We were particularly happy with the presence of Igor Pieterz and Adi Shenitzky, adopted sons and current citizens of Curaçao and Israel respectively, who traveled from their countries to join us on this celebration.

After a toast and a nice dinner, attendees enjoyed audio-visual material to commemorate characters and events that marked the foundation’s history.

One of the most interesting discoveries was an interview made in 1980 by TV host Jota Mario Valencia, who interviewed some of our founders about this project that had only been in operation for 2 years back then. Watch the interview here.

The celebration was a pleasant space for all attendees. Above all, it was a reaffirmation of commitment from La Casita de Nicolás, its collaborators and staff, to continue working hard to make the world of the children, a world full of love and safety.

We have reached 4 decades dreaming that, in the future, institutions like La Casita will not be necessary, and that all children will be born in homes willing to give them all the love, protection and dignity that helps them to be healthy and happy, from childhood to adulthood.

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