It was impatiently awaited for 11 months, but it was worth the wait. Christmas arrived in La Casita de Nicolás during the first week of December, and as always, the children prepared to enjoy it to the fullest.

This is how we lived Christmas!

On December 5 we began with the exhibition of handicrafts made by the children throughout the year. Cardboard airplanes, silletas, paper Christmas trees, snowmen made of sticks, cards and letters for Baby Jesus, were the result of the creative work of the children together with the help of the teachers and volunteers from the foundation.

On the night of the 7th we illuminated the surroundings of Casita with the celebration of Día de las Velitas (Day of Candles), which were lit under the supervision of the Juguemos en el Bosque volunteers and panal de Casita.

On December 15, Papá Noel (Santa Claus) officially brought the Christmas, filling the foundation with his joyous laughter, much happiness and that Christmas spirit that is so enjoyed by both young and old. In his company, children, teachers and volunteers celebrated the first Novena and sang Christmas carols.

On the 17th, we experienced something new with the Japanese play Operation Christmas, performed by the Nihon Club students of Professor Hatano Kaori, from the EAFIT University language center. The play took place at Belén’s park-library (also of Japanese architecture), and took children to a fantasy world where animals and spirits tried to celebrate Christmas together, only to find that they had very different ways of working, so they had to find a way to make the celebration work. With the play, the children remembered the importance of tolerance and dialogue as a tool to resolve conflicts.

The children also received great gifts from the actors, as well as from a group of adoptive mothers from Casita who were part of the initiative.

On December 28, the Spanish speech therapist María Mejía visited us, bringing directly from the Old Continent, with the help of her friends and family, a day full of fun and surprises for the little ones. Maria made a campaign with her patients to send clothes and gifts to the children in Medellín, and was surprised to find a very prolific response (read article).

In addition to these valuable experiences, our children enjoyed many outings and escapades with the staff from Juguemos en el Bosque, that allowed them not only to enjoy the city, but also to learn, through enjoyment and smiles, values that they will need on their grown-ups lives in order to be happy. They also enjoyed trips to the North Park and El Tesoro Shopping Center thanks to the Volunteers from Casita, as well as parties made by individuals who wanted to make one of the days of this month, an unforgettable celebration for the children.

Without doubt, a month full of happiness and good memories. Thanks to each and every one of those who made such happiness possible! We cross fingers that on this 2018, the happiness of our children will be complete when they receive the best possible gift: to belong to a loving family.

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