Cookies to brighten the heart

There is no one who doesn’t love cookies. And there is no one who doesn’t acknowledge the importance that foundations like La Casita de Nicolás has for children who, due to unfortunate circumstances, are in need of a safe place to be and of being assigned to a loving and protective family.
With this in mind and thinking about the Christmas season, Isabel Hoyos, a Nutrition student at CES University, decided to use her Instagram to bring to families a tasty and healthy snack that would give them an excuse to spend time together, and that would allow her to make a donation to La Casita de Nicolás, with which she has been linked as a volunteer from high school.
“I went on Wednesdays after school to do community service. Also on vacations, and I still go because I love children, I love caring for and playing with babies. “
Initiatives like these are valuable not only for the resources they bring to La Casita, but also because they show how each person, through creativity and decision, can make the world a little bit better each day.
“I wanted to donate but not just to donate, but to do something that would unite people,” Isabel adds. “So that everyone could buy tasty and at the same time help La Casita, which is a foundation and a cause that I love very much”.

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