Thank you, Camerata!

Camerata Jaibaná did as always an excellent job in the past concert Una Nota Con Amor a favor de La Casita de Nicolás (A Note with love for La Casita de Nicolas), where the musicians performed some of the most known arias on the history of music, in a night full of solidarity so that the babies, children and teenagers of La Casita, continue having an excellent quality of life.

To express their gratitude for the unconditional support, AsoCasita and La Casita de Nicolás carried out last October 2nd, an acknowledgment act in the foundation’s office, where member of the association, administrative staff and some of the children, shared an entertained moment with the musicians, getting to know more about their goals and daily lives.

Thanks to the work of this excellent team, and above all, thanks to their human quality, AsoCasita and La Casita de Nicolás can make the world of the children, a place that’s safe and filled with love!

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